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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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project to release a section of pipe dating back to 1951. this is long before these houses were built. >> results showed appearance of what could be a dent, a small dent. so this is how we're not going put it on the planning list, a long term list. we're going to take immediate action to make the repair to get things back to normal, again. >> reporter: pg&e uses a device shown in this animation that has sensors to detect welds, and other imperfections. this pipe and others like it raise questions about how well it was made, and by whom. john pierre is chair of the civil engineering department at usc. >> a few days from germany. and one of the questions we may have dress is was it used in 1956 compatible with the kind of quality of steels we're using now?
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>> that is not an easy go answer. >> it's a major concern. but i want to withhold any opinion as to whether or not we need to rip open, you know, i don't know how many hundreds of miles of lines and replace them. until the ntsb comes back with a report. >> there is a coding to prevent corrosion. pg&e is also busy meeting with mayors and other officials about the pipes on its top 100 list this, is in san carlos that is 100 feet long, 24 inches in diameter. >> we're interested in more of the specifics. you know? what is the situation, and what are we going do about it? when? >> there is an aging infrastructure, we better do something about it if we don't want to see more of the failures in the future. >> and the dent here was fairly easy for pg&e to identify. the pipeline is straight.
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perfect for pigs to straight. they do not negotiate curves or bends. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and david, thank you. san francisco mayor and candidate for governor newsom has attention of the white house tonight. and not in the way he'd like. he is the talk of the white house press room for comments he made that are all over the internet now. and there is reaction to it. >> reporter: remarks are about the impact of the federal stimulus package. he made remarks at the chronicle's editorial board meeting. his spokesman says he is repeating what he's been saying for months. >> that is not something that i'm proud to say as a democrat. it's not something i want to say but it's true. >> this is the clip circulating. san francisco mayor gavin newsom complaining about some aspects of the still plus package. >> it's not wrong to criticize parts of that stimulus.
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as saving jobs in the public sector and not stimulating private sector economic growth. >> the white house press secretary was asked about remarks in a briefing today. >> this is the mayor of the bluest of blue cities. do you consider that disloyal? >> first i heard is when you told me. so, i don't think in that person. >> newsom's spokesman believes it's not so much the mayor criticizing what has been done as it has in his words, highlighting how san francisco used dollars to create private sector job was infrastructure projects including doyle drive rebuild and hunter's point development. stimulus money has paid salaries of workers through a city program. >> jobs now program set to expire next week. it's put more than 4,000 out of work san franciscoins to work. most fully private sector
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jobs. the mayor is focused on what our experience here in san francisco, as a city and county, those programs that are really been most affected. >> newsom is running for lieutenant governor. his republican rival has concerns about how this plan is working. >> it was sold so-to-us as a silver bullet going to lower unemployment. it's not unemployment in california. it's 12.2%. but to be fair we don't know what the final outcome of the stimulus bill has done. >> and white house spokesman went went through a list of benefits. he says california received. and on both sides of the aisle, the lieutenant governor candidates are questioning whether or not the stimulus has gone far enough. >> thank you. and eight current and former city officials have been arrested and charged with fraud in the zandal-plagued community of bell accused of embezzling $5 million taxpayer
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dollars, and making illegal personal loans. the city manager paid nearly $800,000 per year, twice as much as the president of the united states. >> the complaint alleges they used the tax dollars collected from hard working citizens of bell as their own piggy bank, which they then looted at will. >> news of the arrests spread quickly in the small working class community outside los angeles. one in six residents lives in poverty. >> yi. very excited because justice prevailed. >> prosecutors warn arrests are just the beginning. more are expected to follow in the days and weeks still ahead. >> the state's public employee retirement fund loflt a quarter of its value over the past two years gave substantial pay raises and bonuses to top managers. according to the ap, some were $100,000 or more.
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a spokesman were a50% lower than previous payouts. >> any moment now police are expected to release a sketch of a man who sexual assaulted two police announced tax and the second was 18th and third. news is leading to a heightened sense of awareness in an area popular with walkers. >> i ploblly won't come out after dark. >> maybe 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning i walk my dog. i'm a little afraid to do it after hearing about the crimes but it's my life style. >> oakland police recommend women lock their doors after getting into cars and urging women to turn down the volume on portable music players to keep them alert to their sur sur rounding autos politics.
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the gubernatorial candidate helping raise money from former secretary of state condoleezza rice speaking in a fund-raiser this evening. abc 7's mark matthews is live from burlingame tonight with the story. mark? >> condoleezza rice and meg whitman are cross the street at the hyatt. the campaign tells me they're expecting 300 guests and $1,000 a head in the for ground, protesters, mostly union member who's are here to protest meg whitman's run for governor. pro testers are illustrate for a campaign that has gone negative. jerry brown's campaign release add tack ads against meg whitman. >> newspapers report the claims in this ad are false. she knows it. >> the ad is in response to a whitman add featuring bill clinton from a 1992 debate when brown and clinton were running for president. >> cnn, not me says tax record
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was quote, just plain wrong. >> fact check? the assertion is wrong. the reporter that clinton reply lied on says he miscalculated and that taxes went down during the ten you're as governor. but whitman is defending the ad. >> the fact is that jerry brown is not a tax cutter. >> whitman points out taxes went up during most of brown's tenure and that is true, but went down by so much in the final two years that overall, his term saw a tax decrease. and abc 7's politicallanist says that ad under cut the message. >> this was not accurate. and even cnn says it was wrong. >> by choosing to go negative both sides are setting up a die nam yike they get candidates that get stuck in a downward spiral because... if
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one person goes negative another person is almost compelled to go negative in order to counter what the first person says. >> and that, says professor cane leads to personal attack instead of expounding on the issue autos this creates this vortex that leads to you know, a lot of people staying away at polls and feeling like election has nothing to do with solving problems in california. >> and may not end end up that way there. is still a month and a half to go. tonight, sure shaping up to be pretty negative. >> interesting campaign. thank you very much. >> still ahead tonight on abc 7 news attack on twitter may have opened up a new fronteer for online hackers wasn't anything more than a prank. >> and in sacramento, the medical marijuana community is split over proposition 19. the initiative legalizing pot for recreation yat use what. patients are worried about. >> and a couple of surprises.
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a lampe burns out on their projection tv. should a warranty cover expense? 7 on your side is coming up. >> and the burial of a giant whale that washed up on the san francisco shore line. san francisco shore line. stay with us. wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. news about prop 19, november initiative to legalize marijuana in california. the effort to get it passed picked up an important endorsement today. an organization you might think would support legalizing pot came out against it.
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abc 7's nannette mirrorand has the story. >> reporter: the split in the medical marijuana community on prop 19 comes as a surprise. >> we cannot support proposition 19. >> reporter: california cannibis ocean -- association and others say they support the taxation but not the way it's laid out in the initiative and worry getting local cities and county as department -- ability to opt out would make marijuana less available for people who need the drug for medical purposes. >> i really feel that the patients have been sold a bill gfs taking away access they have to medication. >> but the people who qualify prop 19 for the november ballot say they were careful to protect medical marijuana patients when writing the measure. >> we're not repeeling or mending rights of californians with respect to medical canyonnis. it's going to allow better
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accessibility. >> inside of the capitol, a hearing opponents voiced concerns about the patch work of marijuana laws if some embraced them and others did not. >> it makes enforcement virtually impossible wh. people are moving, transfering back and forth and in between counties will be impossible to prove where that marijuana originated. >> but supporters say police shouldn't be going after marijuana related crimes in the first place. >> it's a waste of law enforcement resources especially when marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. >> supporters picked up a big endorsement today. fdiu says the more than $1 billion in taxes each year would help save jobs, avoiding cuts to social programs nchl sacramento abc 7 news. >> and the san francisco board of supervisors approved banning store was pharmacies from selling cigarettes n 2008
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the city became the first in the nation to prohibit drug stores including walgreens from selling the products. walgreens arguing it was unfair to allow stores and big box stores to tinseling tobacco. walgreens won that suit this, would close the loophole. >> so this is just extending this concept that cigarettes and pharmacies don't mix. they should be promoting health, protecting our health. not selling tig sig receipts, number one leading cause of death in the u.s.. >> the mayor is expected to sign the measure as expected at its second reading next week. >> a $25,000 reward is now being offered in the murder of of a tiburon woman. the 75-year-old shot to death outside of her home. the first homicide in tiburon in a decade. police put 4,000 hours into this investigation conducting 1 hin -- 100 interviews and
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collected evidence. despite hard work there is no suspect. the reward sk offered by someone who wants to remain anonymous. >> a dead whale that washed up on ocean beach yesterday was buried there tochd officials waited until low tide before moving forward with the burial. scientists don't know what species the whale was. and are hoping tissue samples will give them that answer. >> and let's focus on the weather forecast. looking pretty good. >> nice warm up is on the way. >> absolutely. today is the last full day of summer, tomorrow, fall begins and there is a big warm up coming up. temperatures into mid-90s towards weekend and next week. outside to show a live picture is this a gorgeous view? or what? from our emeryville camera. sun getting filtered by clouds thanks to a trough moving through. so this is just a nice-looking evening. temperatures now into the 50s,
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60s and 70s showing up. 24 hours ago we're down in concord. you can see san francisco four degrees cooler, novato down five. cold into north bay valleys tonight. autumn arrives and we're looking at a string of warm days ahead. it's going to be several days of the warm weather. here is the picture. cold front is coming towards bay area but it's falling apart. this cool air mass is with us right now will pass through tomorrow morning. and then, we're going to start to see changes. warming trend begins on thursday. there is a ridge of high pressure starting to move in behind that trough. warming continues throughout monday. temperatures will peak into mid-90s inland. above normal at this time of the year. 70s at beaches. tonight looking for cloudy skies around the east bay and south bay. temperatures will be mild. low to mid-50s, north bay we're expecting clear skies there is some chilly
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conditions. 46 degrees in napa. jant rosa dropping down to 45 degrees. and highs for wednesday into south bay, 72 in sarah to goa. narrow range here you can see into low 70s, on the peninsula, 71 in palo alto. 67 in millbrae. breezy along the coast again. 60s coastside locations. temperatures around downtown is 64 degrees. west wind up to 30. 25-35 miles per hour. and north bay, 75 in santa rosa. east bay communities 68 in oakland. and castro valley, fremont 70 degrees. only into low to mid-70s. 72 in danville. and 73 in livermore. 71 in santa cruz. and 74 in gilroy. breezy outside now. stronger sea breeze brought in cooler conditions along with that trough. the trough hangs back tomorrow.
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there is one more day. we'll continue with similar conditions to today in terms of temperatures and winld. and there is autumn at 8:09 tomorrow evening. warmer conditions beginning thursday, temperatures getting warm sunday, monday, mid-90s inland. great beach weather is ahead. >> when we come back tonight medical news. >> that is right. a technique for smoothing out cellulite. >> painful in the paining -- beginning. >> you can see this area, it's smoother what. do you think? >> great. ÷ ÷ 88@toeoeoewwwwwwwwúúúx
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winning is my favorite thing. but we lost today. ♪ no, we didn't. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
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♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section there is a new technology claiming to tackle a cosmetic problem diet can't solve. it's cellulite. the bumps of fat just beneath the skin. >> here is before. you can see fullness in this area. depressions. >> lizett is looking at a 3 d image of his thighs several months ago. in her mind pictures aren't pretty. >> i do have cellulite. doesn't matter what i wore. you can see the bulge on the side. >> today, san francisco plastic surgeon is going attempt to smooth bumps. not with surgery or liposuction but a laser
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technology. he says it works by distributing heat to different layers of skin tissue. >> there are two wave lengths. first softens fat. and the second opens the pores to allow the fat to leak out. >> once he begins moving the laser across her thighs it will raise temperatures of the skin by five degrees. the fat cells are liquefied. a vacuum system manipulates the tissue. the company says that helps fat cells move into the system. the process can produce discomfort. >> just a little bit painful at the beginning. first couple minutes. >> the bumps may look like large mounds of cottage cheese, documenting improvement is a matter of microscopic measurement. scanning areas using a 3 d camera to compare the minute couldn't yours.
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-- couldn't yoourz and report that had three quarters of the patients showed measurable improvement lasting over six months but cautions it does not produce the slimming rye duxs of liposuction. >> it's not a inches device. it's a smoothing device. not designed to improve conture in terms of volume. patients had changes in the area of treatment. >> she says her husband noticed the change after just a few sessions. >> the first thing he said was smooth. he said it felt smooth. didn't feel like rippling on the side of the leg. >> you can see this area is smoother. what do you think? >> it's great. i can tell. >> this treatment involves eight sessions over two months. he says costs are from 200ses today $1200 depending on the size of the area being treated.
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>> interesting. >> and still ahead here coming up tonight at 6:30, the hacker attack shut down twitter. how a tweet with scramble your computer with a mouse. >> and a sign of the times at community colleges more students trying to get into class that's actually attending them. >> and also don't ask, don't tell. the senate votes that blocks gays from openly serving in
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good evening once again. a hacking tunist took advantage of a vulnerability on twitter today. a cyber attack wreaked havoc on the site. and. >> there is nothing destructive in the attack this morning. twitter calling this a prank. it was just annoying to most but the first time the site
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was hit with what is called in tech speak. users only had to hover the mouse over a link in the tweet no. clicking required. >> for about four hours this morning, twitter messages were blacked out or scrambled. just passing over a link could send a recipient to sites that would make both them, and the sender blush. >> there was code inject that had could affect tweets of innocent people into their tweets. for to you just mouse over the tweet they can be sent to a porn site. >> it was justn't average users affected. the twitter feed of jair brown was at one point redirecting users to hard core porn sites. and tweets from the whis house were affected. >> i don't hes state. i thought i'd done something horrific to my my computer.
6:30 pm
>> and twitter says it resurfaced during a recent site update. the security chief says we're not only focused on resolving exploits but also on identifying possible vulnerabilities beforehand. we apologize to those who may have encountered it this, tech analyst says twitter has had chronic problem autos twitter needs to shore up security. there is a variety of flaws. twitter needs to be care oofl twitter user virgil says he was not affected today but account has been compromised before. >> and you get my friends checking out like a blog or something that is fictitious. i get messages saying you sent me this link that led to nothing.
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>> and twitter has a new site design. it was immune to today's problems. >> students are finding getting into classes is particularly challenging this fall. cuts eliminated many core classes. >> it's been a hassle all day. i've been here since 8:00 trying to get into one math class. i'm 0-3. >> today more students were trying to get into class z they were attending class. and the budget resulted in a cut of 500 class autos there are about 0,300 students on wait lists. i'm talking to you now. 10 minutes ago we've checked numbers. that represents probably 7,000 students. some are on lists. those students who need
6:32 pm
courses we cannot offer them. >> this freshman is one of those on a wait list. for math. a core subject she needs to take, now. >> i'm lucky. i'm wait listed as number one. but there are teachers that just said right off the bat if you're wait listedded you're not going tibl to get in. >> and demand for community colleges is at a high for young students and older workers going back to school to update their resumes. >> we've had our schedule cut by 7%. we've laid flat on that. we try to admit many students as we can. there is limited resource autos and they have placed measure e or consideration. >> there is students have to wait until the next quarter starting in january. and registration will be
6:33 pm
beginning in november. abc 7 news. >> and this is not a problem unique to foot hill and deanza. and there is students waiting just for math and english. marin colleges have 3,000 students base listed. >> there is police just released this sketch. this is a man believed to be behind two sexual assaults over the weekend. and there is the first attack occurring sunday night at lake shore and 18th street. the second two hours later at 18th and third. >> tragic day in afghanistan. nine troops were killed when a helicopter went down in southern afghanistan. a spokesman said insurgents
6:34 pm
shot it down. nato says there were no reports of hostile fire and the crash was caused by mechanical problems. there were also reports of missile attacks along the border with pakistan. 19 suspected militants were killed. >> republicans in the senate today blocked passage of a bill containing two key democratic measures. repeel of the don't ask, don't tell policy and dream act for illegal imgranlts. this would have allowed gays to serve in the military. and would allow children of illegal immigrants to go to college and both were attached to a defense bill. it only got 56. >> it's a dumb thing to could do to try to use the bill in times of war to advance a liberal agenda. >> now is not the time to play politics simply because an
6:35 pm
election is looming in a few weeks. >> this senator decided this morning to vote no. on the dream act there is a california version that would give illegal immigrants students the right to apply for financial aid for college. the governor is expected to veto it also in washington president obama presented the highest military awartd for valor to a u.s. airman. the president presented a medal of honor to the sons of chief master sargeant. he held off north vietnamese forces in a base that came under attack. and he saved troops before being shot and killed. >> of those 19 men that night, only seven paid it out alive. three of them owd their lives to the actions.
6:36 pm
>> the story was kept under wraps for decades. he was an electronics expert. >> money scope headlines now. fed takes a wait and see attitude on the economy. and said it's concerned about the weakness of the economy. the fed said it's prepared to take action necessary. apparently that wasn't good enough for wall street closing up seven points today. nasdaq and s and p 500 both fell. construction rose in august by more than 10%. highest rate in four months. most was apartment and condo construction. and the color yochl company announced a sale of a division making car care products such as armor all. and ftp for $780 million, cash. >> and when we come back tonight there is a lesson on warranties. >> michael finney lights the
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>> one of the popular big screen tvs in recent years has been refer projection lcd. >> there is a draw back every owner has been dealing. and. >> this is a lampe z like any lampe, one will burn out. l is a warranty that won't cover costs. jack and arlene were enjoying their tv when they heard a grown and a pop. >> this turned on again. >> i think the second time it was a bang, actually. >> this screen went black and it happened before. the projection lampe of their
6:41 pm
projection rear lcd burned out. no problem. this is still cover sod they made a claim for a new lampe. >> what do you mean it's not covered? >> we don't cover that lampe. i said well accord owing to my contract it doesn't say it doesn't cover it. >> the warranty company had been sold to new owners calling the prior coverage a gift. so they paid $314 for a lampe then called 7 on on your side. and there is this clause saying it doesn't cover consumer replaceable items. to double check we looked at the owner manual z right there on page 128 it says the lampe and replaceable and shows how to do it.
6:42 pm
>> most people don't like it this is the tr repair expert from san francisco. he says many projection tv owners are surprised to find out their lampes will blow out every couple years. that is why they were cheaper than other big green autos this is between 5,000 hours to 8,000 hours. >> jack and arlene are surprised to hear this, too. >> so this is a history of the lampes going out every two years. >> that isn't the warranty companies fault. and still there, was a change. kpt saying we decide the right thing to do was replace the bulb due to issues the customer hachld we looked at
6:43 pm
each issue and work to do what is right. >> and there is a reversea. i don't know what you d but this worked a miracle. >> and they say just use a lint-free glove. projection tvs are being phasedded because they have to replace bulbs and people aren't much interested in doing that. we're going to flat panel. >> yes. and this is about a $300 deal. >> coming up next "dancing with the stars" of broadway. >> this makes its colorful return to the bay area.
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>> in utah today national guard apologized for starting this fire destroying three houses and forced 1600 families from their homes on sunday. the sfir now spread across 44 square miles and isn't contained. it started near a firing range during a training exercise. and the fashional guard said no one had checked to see a
6:47 pm
red flag warning had been issued and it promised those responsible will be held accountable. >> burn the floor is back. that is the hot ball room dance show that got it's start in san francisco and it opens in the san jose area and center for performing arts tonight and runs through sunld. and there is don sanchez. >> it's filled with sizzling high energy, nonstop. burn the floor is a new approach to ball room dancing. >> this is just to do with today's attitudes. >> jason grew up in a dancing family in australia. it came to san francisco in january, 2009. he says it was a turning point. audiences embraced the show that cast gained confidence and broadway beck oned. >> in this economy this is... a big achievement for us.
6:48 pm
>> he keeps using the word passionate about what these dancers do. it's their energy. >> energy they create between each other is sort of astounding. and there are two members of the cast and this is after appearing on "sou think you can dance". >> builds character. you see yourself and this brings up things from you you never knew you had. >> this is his dancing shows like "dancing with the stars" created interest in what they could do. >> and you know with this is chip, chip. >> the floor isn't exactly burning. sort of smoldering. but watch this move.
6:49 pm
abc 7 news. >> this is hot. >> looks like fun. >> heating up here, too. >> and this is jand patel back with the forecast. temperatures coming up into mid-90s range. here is a view from our emeryville camera there is a trough brought about the cooling today. and we're expecting temperatures to remain about the same. cloudiness in the morning. it's limited in the afternoon. there is temperatures 60s to 70s, you'll notice it's going to be sunny across the bay area. enjoy the sun. and there is change at 8:09 p.m. we welcome fall. 90s heading into weekend
6:50 pm
inland. and warm conditions and mid 70s in beaches, temperatures will be starting to fall beginning on tuesday. it's astretch. and there is some warm days continuing. >> we're going to continue in just a moment. as we do so, close, but not close enough. >> what niners coach is stressing after last night's loss to thehehehehehehehehehehee >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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join me tonight on cable channel 13. at that time, student versus steve jobs. did the head of e mail -- apple go too far. >> and why costs associated with obesity are so much greater for women than for men. etc. coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and on to sports. split result bay area football now. >> niners have it tough. >> close. close. getting better. >> had a chance. good teams find ways to win. 49ers made just enough mistakes to lose to world champion saints. suddenly preseason favorites ritz are now 0-2. starting with a safety. yikes. and turned the ball over three
6:54 pm
times deep inside new orleans territory. despite thark they still had a chance to win this game. and am yechl smith was brilliant leading the two-minute drill z the niners still came up short. 25-22 now, fair thaising -- facing back to back road games. the coach is emphasizing positives. >> this is some valuable things early on in the season. and i believe they will capitalize and pick up. and this will serve us well going forward. >> we'll stay behind up and down the field you know? this is hey, we've got to. change that. we've got to change. >> the denver broncos in a state of shock. the 23-year-old kenny mckinley killed himself yesterday. nobody realizesed until too late but he'd been depressed
6:55 pm
because of recent knee surgery. police say he shot himself in the head. the broncos said he seemed to be a happy guy, always smiling. >> it's tough any time you lose a guy like him. especially a young guy. you know? his love for the community, supporting his family and support as players and together we'll get through everything. >> couple years ago michael vick locked up there with doubt as to whether he'd play another down in the nfl. now he's back and starting for eagles. vick replaced kevin cobbs sunday. threw 284 yards. cobb healthy enough to play, but eagles coach says vick is playing like he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league now, playing out of his mind. vick gets to start sunday against jacksonville. >> and baseball after a rain delay giants and cubs are finally underway in wrigley field. giants took the field in the
6:56 pm
west with just 12 games left. so every game is critical. matt cane with a dive to get marlon burke first. there is two on for juan uribez pat purl with a slower-hit base. the problem is that he was struck out by carlos zanbrano. now, they're scoreless at wrigley. looks like spiderman dropped in on braves and phillies game. some guy in a red suit. and dan, have you an outfit like that. braves outfielder tripped him up. spiedy got away. it was only momentarily before authorities subdued him. talking about gegt ready for opponent. oregon state plays at boise state saturday now, boise plays on the infamous smurf turf so beavers are painting their practice field blue to
6:57 pm
simulate what it's going to be like. i think that is probably too far. >> yes. >> that is commitment. >> it is. >> and save it for the weekend. >> yes. >> now, we know. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a sportswriter from winston-salem, north carolina... a police officer from arlington, virginia... and our returning champion-- a graduate student of computer science from newark, delaware... whose 6-day cash winnings total...


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